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Allama Abdul Ali Akhunzada’s

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Allama Abdul Ali Akhunzada’s


A renowned scholar, Abdul Ali Akhundzada was born in Khanozai in 1872. His father name was Mulana Abdul khaliq Akhundzada. He belong to a famous educated family of Khanozai .he received his basic/primary education from his own father. He lost his father in his childhood. Later, he remained the student of his Uncle Abdul Qadir Akhunzada and Mulana sattar Akhundzada. Since he was interested/eager to get futher religious /Islamic education, so he wants to Qandahar for this purpose which was an knowledge seat of religious / Islamic learning there, he took admission in habibullah Akhundzada’s institution “Madrasa” Because of its extraordinary intelligence the institution awarded his certificates in various areas. Having completed education, he returned to native village Khanozai. Along it is work-mentioning that along with exceptional talent, he was bestowed with incredible memory power by almighty, more over, his memory was exceptionally sound till later stages of his life. Allama was very generous and hospitable character. He extravagantly Spent on social welfare of the needy people. He had appointed Imams and scholars to serve the mosque of the locality. Allama was a good Physician as well. He liked to serve the people as a physician. He gained immense popularity as an efficient physician scholars not only from here, but also from outside such as Qandahar, vangrahar, India, Sindh and other part of the world pay visit to meet Allama. They used to have scholarly debates and discussions with him on multiple topic, thus they word enrich themselves from the profound religious and social study of Allama. They world stay him for weeks to quench their thirst of knowledge. This clearly manifests the fascinating personality and scholarly caliber of Allama. Beside this people the feudal chiefs and leaders from different parts of balochistan. Including both pashtoon and Baloch would visit him to get themselves treated and gather knowledge from him. In 1928, when Amir Amanullah khan was on his tour to Europe, Allama Abdul Ali Accompanied till Bombay India and there he presented ”Qaseeda” a note of admiration to him which was written a Persian language. Later on, Ameer Amanullah sent a letter of gratitude and appreciated Allama’s note of admiration. Allama enjoyed tremendous scholarship due to his wide popularity and accomplishment as a great scholar, the khan of Qalat Mir Azam Khan appointed him the chief justice of the state in 1941. Allama served this post for four years and had to quit it for certain domestic constraints and return to his village. Since then, Allama Served devoted his entire life to a Varity of sublime services such as Islam, enhancing promoting.

Hakim Haji Noor Muhammad

Noor Muhammad Son of Muhammad Khan was born in Khanozai in 1890.He received his primary education from the same village. Later in his early youth, he moved to Kandahar to get Islamic  education. After completing education from there, he made his way to Dehli. in Dehli he obtain training in “Tebe” under the supervision and guidance of Akeem Ajmal khan and received a certificate in it. Then, he launched a hospital (clinic) in Quetta in 1924, thus became the pioneer of “Tebe” in Balochistan .He served for three year in Pishin after the disastrous earthquake in 1935. He later shifted towards Quetta . Remember that his clinic was functional even after his death. Hakim had religious and political vision. Initially, he remained an active member of “Jumail Ullama Hind”, he established its branch here afterwards. He strongly desired that everyone in village get education in this regard, he seriously struggled to upgrade Khanozai primary in middle .it is important to know that he spent his own money for the construction of middle school building. In 1958, he invited the minister of inaugurate, the middle school and asked for financial assistance as well. But the officials excused that they could not pay salaries to the teachers till next budget on this Hakim took the responsibility to pay salaries to the teachers from his own pocked, moreover he got the approval of a high school at the same time. These moves created awareness in people to get education after few years Hakim donated land to the Girls Primary school. Hakim Haji Noor Played a key role in the establishment of a Bazar commercial centre in Khanozai, by motivating the elders of the village. This small bazaar has turned into a great centre of centre of handsome commercial activity, and it facilitates the people a great deal to have commodities of their basic needs. Briefly saying, Hakim Noor Muhammad presented his every resource to the development education and stability of this remote village. His contribution is worth-appreciating. This noble soul passed away in March 1970 .May Allah rest his soul in peace.

Moladad Khan

He was a generous and great man. He was born in Khanozai in 1920. his father name was haji Gul Ikhtier. He lost his father in childhood. He receive primary eduction from Khanozai and move toward quetta to study further. He passed his matriculation exam with good marks in 1938. Then continued on upgrading qualification as a private candidate. He was famouse for his sincere service and help the people in the same area. He was quite popular and expert in the trible affair such as the reconciliation of two conflicting tribal. He was a hospitable and generous man. He assisted many poor students in their study expenditures. For his serves toward, he was elected chairman in 1985 in the union council election where he served for 10year. As a social uplift of the area. The got a decent approved for the development and infrastructure of Khanozai. He established a girls primary school, three basic health units, a civil dispensary, a veterinary in road malazai.he supplied funds to all the word members to spend if a education for the construction of pishin Khanozai road, he forwarded the proposal to the authorities which was approved in 1984. The credit also goes to him for the Khanozai water supply scheme in 1970 this time he perused the MNA Molana Abdul Haque. For the project, this effort proved productive as now thousand people benefit from the facility of clear water. Mouladad khan followed the footstep of Abdul Ali Akhundazada in his policies. He was a discipline character. He stepped the selling of property to the non local. All his policies have led to complete Pease and discipline yahya khan awarded him (takhma Khadmat) for his great services in 1970. This sincere public servant passed away in 1972. May Allah bless him.

Haffaz khan Muhammad

Haffaz khan Muhammad was an heir to a very rich literary, and religious tradition. He imbibed and assimilated all that was best in the past and present Islamic and Oriental thought and culture. His range of interests covered Religion, Peotry , the revival and benefit of khanozai people. His prose, not only in his mother tonge language Pashto but also in Persian, was powerful. poetry was his medium par excellence of expression. Everything he thought and felt, almost involuntarily shaped itself into verse. Hafiz Khan Muhammad was born in Khanozai. His father names was Abdul Rahim .he lost his parent in quit earlier age. He received his basic education from Hafiz Adam khan, and he studied in school till forth class. He served the village as”Immam” for same time. He left for Delhi after word to upgrade in education. Since Delhi was a prestigious seat of learning those day, that is why Hafiz moved there for reasoning his aim. But unfortunately, he could not realize this dream as he become seriously ill. Therefore he had to suspend his studies half-way and returned to Quetta. Where he performed as “immam” in central mosque Quetta. In the disastrous earth quake of 1935, he miraculously escapes while thousand of people were dead and wounded. In 1937, he setup his own book shop at Masjid road with the name of Balochistan book depot which still exists. Now this shop is name after him as Hafiz book depot. In a very spam of time, many giant scholars and intellectual started to flock there in this shop for a scholarly religious and reformative debate. Hafiz extremely desired others to get education. He would often pass his wholehearted advices in others for getting education. He also had extremely soft comer for the poor students. He bore the education expenditures and residence of many poor students who could not bear the expenses because of their poverty but hafiz. extended his generous financial support to them to continue studies. It is Haffaz khan Muhammad’s Works. Haffaz khan Muhammad wrote approximate 18 books in Pashto and in Persian langue. And also perform the work of Hashia on islamic books. He works on the explanation of many Quranic verse in his book ,he also translate it in Pashto. he also work on history. For More information and for his books contact to Haffaz Kutub khana musjeed road Quetta. Haffaz khan muhammad Phone: (732) 566-6614

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